The Property

The property of Lata has about 6000.00 sq.m., fully fenced.


Guests/customers can take advantage of an accommodation in the cottage «Sossego da Lata»,in which it:

- It is furnished and equipped with air conditioning, and fire safety.

- It's a non-smoking space, applying the law No. 37/2007 of 14 August.

- Have private parking, fully fenced 5 inside the property.

- Common leisure area within the property, and free access, including: Pool/Outdoor Shower/Lawn and Garden/Swing/Barbecue;


The property as a whole provides for:

- A small agricultural space, requested can be visited namely: Garden/Chicken Coops/Lake/Trout Pond;

- Additional spaces for holding small events w/guests together: dining room and beck/wood burning fireplace/Grill w/wood-burning oven, belonging to the promoter, which by its proximity (50 m), is available (upon request) for the use of guests/customers who wish to book in advance, properly equipped.