Regulation of Casa de Campo «SOSSEGO DA LATA»



Article 1


1.1 - The House «Sossego da Lata» is rated Villa - Rural Tourism at PORTUGAL TOURISM under the number 4954.

1.2 - The House «Sossego da Lata» has Permit No. 122/2014, issued on 11.07.2014 by the city of Fafe,


Article 2

Management of «Sossego da Lata

2.1 - The House «Sossego da Lata» belongs to Elsa Maria Peixoto de Almeida and Joaquim Barbosa da Silva Fernandes.

2.2 - The House «Sossego da Lata» is managed in lending contract by Casa de Campo «Sossego da Lata», whose managing partner Elsa Maria Peixoto de Almeida.


Article 3

House Description

3.1 - The House «Sossego da Lata» consists of two spaces: Lata (T3) and Sossego (T2).

3.1.1 - The Espaço do Sossego has two (2) rooms with double bed, a living room) and living and support and meals (kitchenette), The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, desk, television, home private bano, with shower, hair dryer.

3.1.2 - The Lata area has three (3) bedrooms with double bed, a living room and support for meals w / kitchen. The rooms are equipped with air conditioning, desk, television, private bathroom with shower, hair dryer.

3.2 - The House «Sossego da Lata» is furnished and equipped with air conditioning, and fire safety.

3.3 - The House «Sossego da Lata» is a space of not smoking, applying the Law # 37/2007 of 14 August.

3.4 - The House «Sossego da Lata» have 5 private parking, fully fenced inside the property.

3.5 - The House «Sossego da Lata» has a common recreation area, within the property, and free access, namely: Pool / Outdoor Shower / Lawn and Garden / Swing / BBQ;

3.5 - The House «Sossego da Lata»has even a small agricultural areas, requested can be visited within the property, including: Horta / Chicken coops / Lake / Trout tank;


Article 4


4.1 - Reservations may be made no later than one year before the date of occupancy.

4.2 - Temporary Reserve

4.2.1 - CC «Sossego da Lata» may be temporarily reserved for one or more nights, since a telephone call is made, email, or phone or through the website or .

4.2.2 - The temporary reservation is only an intention to occupy the house. When making this type of reservation, the applicant will receive a contact if any other interested parties for the same space at the same date.

4.3 - Effective Reserve

4.3.1 - The reservation CC «Sossego da Lata» will become effective after payment of 30% of the total stay and fill the guest record sheet (“Reserva da Casa Sossego da Lata”) duly completed and signed with BI photocopy shipping and / or passport.

The remaining 70% will be paid in the key collection.

4.4 - Payments

4.4.1 - Payment of actual reservation can be made via bank transfer, using NIB - 0033.0000.45428358328.05, or send check payable to Casa de Campo «Sossego da Lata», Unipessoal, Lda.

4.5 -Data required

4.5.1 - To fill the guest record sheet the following data are required: full name, address, phone, email, number of BI / DC or passport, ID file and date of issue, number of contributors.


Article 5


5.1 - dropouts are considered in all situations in which after effective reserve exists decrease of number of nights, number of occupants or full withdrawal of occupying the house.

5.2 - Withdrawals of actual reserve will have the following conditions:

Cancellations of reservations within 10 days of arrival date entail loss of signal, with more than 10 days the down payment will be refunded or credited for future stay in low season


Article 6


6.1 - Internet

6.1.1 - Guests CC «Sossego da Lata» have at their disposal free wireless service


Article 7

Price List

7.1 – CC «Sossego da Lata» prices will be fixed by management in January of each year.

7.2 - The updated price list will be available in the annex to this rules.

7.3 - In case of bookings made before the upgrade price, the previous values are retained.

7.4 - The prices include: bedding, towels and your seedlings, heating, water, electricity, use of the selected space in reserve.


Article 8

Changes of clothing

8.1 - Sheets

8.1.1 - The linen is changed whenever there is entry of new guests and weekly when the stay is longer than 3 days.

8.2 - Linen

8.2.1 - The linen is changed whenever there is entry of new guests and weekly when the stay exceeds three days when the total number exceeds this.

8.3 - Guests can have extra seedlings - See Table Attached.


Article 9


9.1 - The general cleaning including bed seedlings and towels should always be made entering new guests every week on stays over 3 days (time to be arranged).

9.2 - Guests can have extra cleaning - see Table Attached.


Article 10


10.1 - There are two sets of keys that are in the following people pose:

- Elsa Maria Peixoto de Almeida;

10.2 - Key Delivery to Guests

10.2.1 - The delivery of keys will be held by the receptionist.

10.2.2 - The delivery should ordinarily be made in the House after the explanations and clarifications of the rules of procedure and use of the House.

10.2.3 - The extraordinary rendition can be done elsewhere, provided that it sees no need to go to the House.

10.3 - Key Return

10.3.1 - The key must be returned in the output document, and may be delivered or in the House or elsewhere to match.



Article 11


11.1 - the permanence of small pets, subject to prior consultation on the booking, and authorized their owners are responsible for cleaning and hygiene of the animal footprint and any damage caused by them is only permitted - See Table prices.


Article 12


12.1 - In the reserve per room is included the breakfast. On space or full house reservation, breakfast is not included, with the possibility of being served when requested;


Article 13

Book of complaints

13.1 – CC «Sossego da Lata» has Complaints book which is available at the reception.


Article 14


14.1 - After the departure of guests an assessment of existing damage will be done.

14.2 - The decision of the collection of any damage is the responsibility of management da Casa de Campo Sossego da Lata, unipessoal Lda.

14.3 - After the damage recovery decision will be sent a registered letter to the guests with the bill. After payment of the same will be sent a receipt.


Article 15

General Provisions

15.1 - Guests must comply with any interior space and exterior of the house, not damaging furniture and existing objects.


This Rules will be posted will be available at the front desk, and  site.


The present Regulation was prepared and approved by the Manager, on 11/14/2014

Elsa Maria Peixoto de Almeida.





Casa Completa Sossego da Lata: (10 people) € 250.00 / € 300.00 *


ESPAÇO DA LATA: 3 Double rooms (Rooms L, S and P), private bathroom, up to 6 people, Kitchen, Dining Room and Living.

Price Espaço da Lata: (6 persons) € 150.00 / € 180.00 *


ESPAÇO DO SOSSEGO: 2 Double rooms (Rooms J and E), private bathroom, for up to 4 people, living room and kitchenette.

Price Espaço do Sossego: (4 people) € 100.00 / € 120.00 *


Price per Room: (2 people) - € 60.00 / € 70.00 *


Extra changes - €10.00

Extra Cleaning - €15.00

- All prices include taxes at the rates prevailing

Any / By Request Preview

Breakfast, Light Meals, Lunch and Dinner: Call for Price.

* The prices shown, vary according to the season / season